The Guild of Finnish Luthiers

The Guild Of Finnish Luthiers is a registered association founded to represent the community of professional Finnish luthiers. The association aims to support and be an active part in developing the network of musical instrument makers of our country.

The association was originally founded under different name in
1984 by the students of Ikaalinen luthier school. By the mid 90’s the
association was more or less forgotten, and in 2009 the teachers and a group of former students – who were now all experienced professionals – decided to rename and reactivate the association.

A member of The Guild Of Finnish Luthiers must be a professional luthier working as an entrepreneur, employee, teacher or in other related field of business. Everyone is invited, however, to join the association as a support member.

To fulfill it’s purpose, the association can arrange concerts, field trips, exhibitions, clubs, courses and seminars as well as publish magazines and books, and in all related practises attempt to support and develop the luthier tradition in Finland.